Organizations of all sizes are exposed to increasingly complex legal regulations. Our advices on the tax side reflect this increasing complexity, both nationally and internationally.

The Norwegian members of Moore offer qualified advice within taxation issues for the Norwegian and international corporate and retail market. In addition, we advise in governmental fees and regulations. Effective planning and good advice in tax and local business law gives your business a competitive advantage. When providing advice on these matters, we work closely with our global network and with external local lawyers who have expertise in this area.

Our services covers:

  •     Internal Pricing /Transfer Pricing
  •     National and international corporate taxation
  •     NOKUS companies
  •     Taxation of foreign employees in Norway
  •     Tax Administration
  •     VAT and Fees (and indirect taxation)
  •     Mergers, Acquisitions and other transactions
  •     Real estate and Construction
  •     Inheritance Settlement and Succession