Forensic Accounting

Moore can assist the various actors as trustees, the prosecuting authority, defendants and lawyers, as well as creditors and shareholders in situations where there is suspicion of fraud, embezzlement, unfair distribution of rights, etc.. We can act as experts and assist lawyers in court cases.

As part of Moore global resources in "Forensic Accounting", we can assist in cases of cross-border nature and international scopes.

Initial assessments
We are aware that circumstances can arise in which there is an urgent need for the key issues of a case to be reviewed. These include instances where there may be doubt as to whether an accounting expert can make a cost-effective contribution or whether a single expert has identified and considered all aspects of the matter.

Our Limited Scope Initial Assessment service is designed for precisely such circumstances. Under this service, for an agreed fixed fee, we review the evidence and other material provided to us and deliver a written response within an agreed timetable on a no commitment basis. In our experience, these reviews identify the key issues that are crucial to success.

We can provide assistance on

  •     Bankruptcy
  •     Enforced liquidation
  •     Suspected fraud
  •     Insider matters
  •     Mispricing / overpricing
  •     Valuation under demands for release or under use of pre-emption
  •     Valuation of financial injury
  •     Investigations in accordance with Companies Act
  •     Internal investigations, etc..